Digital essentials

Starting a business from scratch isn’t easy. It’s challenging even to find your first few customers.

In order to build sustainable growth, you need to create a steady stream of income you can rely on.

Below we have detailed the basic digital essentials in order for your business to build and maintain a sales funnel online.

1.Create a logo

This will help guide all other collateral branding & design. The first step is to decide what your company personality/persona is (young, fresh, consultative, funky….), then create a logo which reflects your brand. Consider your target market when doing this. Logo Joy is a cost-effective option if you are on a budget.

You will need different sizes and file types for different applications such as profile pics.

2.Register Your Domain Name ( website address) 

Make sure you register the domain name yourself. Registering a domain name takes approx 10 mins and ensures you maintain control. It’s common to be held to ransom by digital agencies who register a domain on your behalf.

Provide temporary access to domain settings for email and website setup then change the password later.

3.Setup your company emails. 

Setup your company emails with your associated domain name. This adds credibility to your business. G suite by Google is a great choice as the support is excellent and there are lots of how to videos in case you get stuck.

4.Create a website

In most cases, your business website is the focal point of all your advertising efforts. It pays to avoid free online website builders & future proof yourself with a progressive platform like WordPress. This way you won’t have to rebuild as soon as your business starts to gain momentum.

5.Create a GMB listing ( Google My Business/ map listing)

Google Maps is the best way to get visibility in local search engine queries. Establishing your local market first can be the best bang for buck when building a sales funnel.

6.Create a Facebook page

Be sure to size your profile photo of your logo or icon properly. This will represent your identity in online ads and posts. It needs to look professional & credible.


As soon as the budget allows, it pays to search optimise your website for the most commonly searched keywords & phrases.  This aligns your website pages with what your potential customers are searching.